Do you suffer from betrayal, grief, abandonment, rejection...

Does a part of you feel broken, unwanted or like a failure...

Are you tired of stuffing the pain...and ready to be HAPPY

If so, it's time to hear your soul...

Tap into your greatest power for ultimate transformation


Transmute a tragic past into a beautiful, fulfilling present and future


& Transform

Your Life


"I spent over 50 years feeling stressed out, broken, unloved and like God's biggest mistake...
I learned the hard way, that letting go of stress and the lies of my old pain story was the only way to save myself...and finally feel ALIVE!
Take action NOW!
People Talk

"I also want to commend you in your support of male issues. It is through the compassionate attitude of women such as yourself, that true male healing will occur." S.W. - Honolulu

"Since I have been working with Wendy as my personal coach and healer, my life has transformed in such a short time in so many ways..." Joy Alboro, Honolulu


"...Wow, Wendy! Thank you for teaching me how to manifest money by breaking free of limiting beliefs..." Leisa Good, MD

"Your stress-relief presentation is the best I've sseen. You cover critical elements that others don't. Because of you, I now view and manage stress in a healthier way. Thank you!"

T. M - Honolulu

..."Thank you for the session. Everything you said was spot on. I hung up the phone and kept saying, "That was amazing!!" over and over. The difference in my life is amazing. I feel love for myself - like I am filled with love..."

Joanne, Australia

"(our session) changed my way of thinking from negative to positive. The changes happened so fast! Ever since I experienced (a session) with Wendy, positive things have come my way. I will definitely have more "energy" sessions with Wendy." C.M. Utah

1) Get crystal clear on what you are ready, willing, able and eager to change...2) Be solid with your "why" you want this 3) Use your senses to see, feel, hear, smell and taste the "new you." 4) Breathe and anchor this into your body and mind!

 2 Action Plan

Action is key to achieving anything! 1) Set out your clear, achievable steps to get what you desire. 2) Seek help if and when needed. 3) Don't let anyone stop you!

3 Commitment to Self

Staying commited is vital to any transformation!Making life changes, especially big ones, takes time and is often challenging. Stay strong, believe in yourself every day. Remember that you matter and deserve the happy, abundant, love-filled life that you dream of!


Wendy Lee Baldwin is a Certified Life, Wellness, and Spiritual coach, Holistic Healer, author, Keynote Speaker and presenter. With over 10 years experience, helping thousands of people de-stress, feel better, keep hope alive and transform.

   Holistic Healing

Healing past traumas of child abuse, sexual abuse, divorce, betrayal, adoption and more. Clearing blocks to money, love, better relationships and stepping into your greatness!

Sucessful people work with coaches. Why? Because they know it takes a strong support system to get where you want to be. Set goals, accountability, keep vision, overcome blocks and procrastination



Keep your group entertained, informed and enlightened with a professional key note speaker or presenter. Many topics of interest delivered with enthusiasm, heart and soul


Wendy Lee Baldwin


Align With Joy..Elevated Living In A New Era!

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