My Story

Stressed out in the womb...Given up for adoption at birth, abandoned by my adopted mother at 18 months, sent away to live in a commune/cult setting at age 10 where I lived for 9 months without family, and raised in a home of constant turmoil, I nearly gave up on life several times.


By the age of 15, I hit a wall and could no longer digest life. It was too much. Too hard. My body became physically and emotionally sick. I didn't know if I'd make it to my 50th birthday...


Thankfully, I was introduced to holistic healing and coaching. This literally saved my life. Now, it's my mission to help as many people as possible de-stress, heal and transform their life.


As a certified coach, holistic healer, speaker and author, clients benefit from my large  “tool box” to help them de-stess, transform and heal. Another passion is helping people reach their goals, dreams and desires through coaching. Successful people quickly learn that having a coach is key to staying on track and the importance of a solid support team for reaching higher in life.


How I Transformed

The First step was WAKING UP and realizing that I was a trainwreck in the making. Step Two was deciding to let go of the "old" me and the pain story that went along with it. Step Three meant taking massive action and NEVER giving up! This helped me heal physically, emotionall and spiritually



Wracked with guilt for being born, major abandoment issues, rage, hatred, the buried urge to kill, wanting to die, feeling unlovable, stupid and ugly...all cleared. Now I have a happy and healthy relationship with myself and others.



Raised with strict and confining religious beliefs, I hated God and questioned the validity of a higher power...Now I have a peaceful, trusting relationship with God/Universal Source.



Having a love-hate relationship with doctors kept me sick and getting sicker...At one point I made peace with life and didn't expect to wake up the next morning. Over time, I've healed many physical ailments. My body is regaining strength and vitality every day! A key element was figuring out how to live a stress-free life. This is not only possible, but critical!



Wendy Lee Baldwin


Align With Joy..Elevated Living In A New Era!

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