Benefits of Coaching

What goals, dreams or desires are still unfulfilled in your life? How long have they been nothing more than a fantasy bouncing around in your mind or on paper?


Do you want to lose weight? Grow your business? Improve your health? Have better relationships with people? Change jobs/careers? Or something else?


How many tiimes have you started and stalled along the way...battling blocks, insurmountable hurdles....feeling discouraged...Fear?


How will your life be better once you finally take consistant ACTION?!


Working with a great coach is one of the fastest and easiest ways to finally make your dream come true.


Here are a few reasons why...

Support System

Face it...your family and friends love you but they typically don't hold your vision or feel your passion about changing, growing and bringing your dream into reality. That's where a coach steps in, giving you unwavering support, every step of the way.


Successful people know that the key to achieving their big dreams, reaching goals and living their desires is through the support of a good coach.

Having someone "hold your feet to the fire" is one of the best ways to ensure that you take pre-determined action towards your goals. When you know you will be reporting your progress to your coach, motivation become easier and more powerful. A good coach will keep you accountable every week.

Setting up your big plan and then breaking that down into achievable steps is vital. This is your roadmap or blueprint that you follow. A good coach will help you dial back to the basics, set up your plan and help you be clear on your path. Clarity is King and Queen. Without it, you flounder, go in circles and give up.


You deserve to achieve what you desire. Set yourself up for success from the beginning. This bears repeating...Successful people know that the key to achieving their big dreams, reaching goals is with the support of a great coach! 

Corporate Keynote Speaker/Presenter

10 Levels of Healing and Transformation

Healing and transformation happens on many levels. The process is unique to you and based on the level of pain that needs released. Below are brief descriptions of ways that will help you on the deepest levels.

1  Healing Your Soul

Your soul is the spirtiual and immortal part of you that is life. When your soul is wounded, a part of you suffers on the deepest level. Healing your soul is where real magic happens!

2  Nurturing Your Inner Child

When trauma happens in childhood, a part of you stays stuck in time, looping the event as if you are still that age. Healing your inner child gets you unstuck from the past and allows you to embrace life as a healed adult.

3  Mending Your Broken Heart

Your heart is your guardian and feels events a second before they happen. A message is sent through out yyour body saying if you are safe or threatened. Mending broken hearts sends the message that you are safe.

4  Clearing Ancestral Trauma

Scientist prove that you carry ancestral trama forward in your DNA. This sets you up for dis-ease as well as triggering survival instincts with a response that is not yours when threatened. Also sets you upfor disease and poor behavior patterns.

5  Releasing Metaphysical Attachments

People mess with your energy field through negative action, thoughts and intentions. You also pick up negative energy without realizing it. This can make you sick, act out of charactor, and really mess with your peace. Clearing this is a real life changer!

6  Resolution to Past Life Issues

Many people bring forward unresolved issues from the past to clear now. Conflicts with people, issues with money and love are a few common areas to look at....Balancing karma/closure to life lessons and soul expansion

When it comes to choosing a professional speaker/presenter for your event, you know it's important to have someone who speaks from the heart and soul, funny, passionate...and easy to get along with.  That's me.
Whether your group is 10 or 10,000, in North America or abroad, I wil deliver a customized message of inspiration, transformation and accomplishments. 

Video coming soon.


Needs a passionate presenter on varied life enhancing topics? Here's a current list of what I cover:

!) Reaching Goals, Dreams and Desires 2) Client Attraction: Secrets to Powerfully Co-Creating With the Universe 3)Secret Formula to Your Best Life Ever

Most Popular: 4) Stress Relief Action Plan! 

Good Nutrition

Eating nutritional food is vital for health and survival. Healing aroud using food as a drug or substitue for love and respecting yourself is key.  Food can never replace the hole in your heart or souls. Eat carbs, sugar and alcohol in moderation. 

Stress Relief


Stress is adicting and will kill you. Notice patterns, set boundaries, take time outs, breathe, step into gratitude for all things...nurture yourself. Be self-less and give to yourself first. No the other way around.


Forging on the soul, heart and inner child is one of the secret keys to healing and real transformation. When you forgive, you are in charge of your happiness, not someone else. It's time to let go of old grudges...


New Story

You are the creator of your life. It's time to let go of the old and write a new story. Make it Big, Bold and lived with Gusto! 

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 10 Simple Ways To De-Stress


Staying grounded is critical when life knocks you sideways. An easy way to do this is to close your eyes, breathe through your nose and give yourself permission to relax. Pretent to bury your feet into the ground. Breathe energy up through your feet and all to the top of your head. 


Two of the most powerful words are Thank You. Even during stressful times, saying the words works magic...even if you don't feel the emotion at the time. Since gratitude is a high vibrational state of Being it will help you shift and beging to experience life from a different perspective

 Call Back Your Energy

Your energy gets scattered when stressed....Close your eyes, breathe through your nose. Give yourself permission to BE Still. Call back all of your energy. Call it back from family, friends, work, your commute...Notice how much stronger and calmer you feel.

 Acknowledge Yourself

You are AMAZING!! Don't sit around waiting for someone else to give you a pat on the back, DO IT yourself! You give and do way more good deeds than you'll ever be acknowledged for. That's how life is. Accept it and praise yourself. It's not ego. It's self-love.


Taking even one minute to pause, close your eyes, breate with awareness and letting go of life will help you shift. It's okay if you can't quiet your brain. Simply start with the first step, be easy on yourself and build up to at least a couple minutes a day. Your system needs time to reboot.

 Nurture Self

No one is going to take care of you. You have to be in charge here. Carve out "me time" and make this your new priority. No excuses. You are NOT being selfish when you take care of yourself. You are being self-less and declairing that you matter...and you do!!

 Time Out

Kids get time out to settle down and regroup. You get to do that too. Walk away, go behind a closed door, set the timer if you need to. Or go someplace where you can be alone for at least 5 minutes. This will help settle your nervous system and give you time to do the other tips above.

 Ask For Help

There is no shame in asking or is challenging and you can't do everything alone. In fact, it takes a strong and brave person to reach out and let someone hold their hand, guide and support them. Like the saying goes...there is power in numbers. Ask for help. Don't be a martyr or a victim. 


Exercise releases "feel good" hormones. Make time to do something every day, even if it's only for 5 min. Walking, stretching and light weights will help you destress quickly. You can breathe out frustation alog the way,

10  Energetic Methods 

Check out 3 other ways to destress are outlined with photos on the main Align With Joy website. Check out how to: Improve commuication in your brain by Balancing Your Cortices. Enhanced Focused Breathing and correct energy flow imbalances.


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