When Life Isn't Fair

July 13, 2016


Have you ever wondered why life isn't fair?...Why some people seem to have all of the money, the good looks and the personality?


Growing up, I was taught that we were dealt what God wanted us to have. No arguing with God because He was, well...God. We didn't have a lot of money which meant shopping at second hand stores, growing and canning our own food and driving used cars...Vacation was driving several hours to visit relatives out of state....Not that I minded, until I grew older and started noticing that other people had more than us. ..Some times, WAY more than us.


Hearing that God wanted us to have less, made me question what we did wrong to make Him choose us to struggle or go without. Were we being punished? Or was it our "luck of the draw?"


Whatever the reason, it wasn't fair and it made me angry at God. 


But what if God isn't the one who decides how much money we have, how dynamic our personality is or if we're thin or bulky? What if we took ownership of our life and stopped blaming someone or something else for what we have or don't have?


What if....what we experience in terms of lack and abundance is a part of our soul's journey, and it's our mission to sort it out in this lifetime as a way to discover our greatness? 


Taking ownership of myself, instead of blaming, started to make gradual, positive changes in my health and happiness...Life became more expansive in countless ways.


What I learned is that when I find myself starting to blame someone or a situation for making my life harder or in lack, I stop and give thanks (not always right away!) for what I DO have and for the opportunity to grow.


I'm no longer angry at an unfair God who doles out hardship and I forgave myself for ever believing in that type of negative power in the first place. Instead, I feel love for the possibilities of a powerful, loving, giving energy that can help me create the type of life that I do want.


Without a doubt, life is full of experiences and lessons.  Some bring us more of what we desire. Some take away. In the end, perhaps they are all as fair as we allow them to be.

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