What are your beliefs costing you?

October 6, 2016


Growing up, we're often taught to believe specific, inflexible, ideas and "forced" to take them on as our truth. The religion of your youth might preach the fear and damnation of an angry god, that a doctor's view is "gospel"...or perhaps equally damaging...that' you're stupid, ugly and "can't do anything right."


What do all of these negative beliefs have in common?


They belong to SOMEONE else!!!!


About three weeks ago, an amazing client of mine and I had a brief chat about beliefs and healing. She lost some vision in her left eye due to illness, which is naturally stressful. No one wants to go blind. She made the comment that she would never see properly out of her eye again and feared that it could get worse...totally blind.


Well...being the contrarian that I am, I point blank, lovingly challenged her belief. Come to find out, she took on what her doctor said as the end-all-be-all. 


An ah-ha of hope ignited inside her like a rocket bursting through the atmosphere, and within moments, she realized that HER conscious belief did NOT match that of her doctor's. Her burning desire to heal and change her limiting belief on the subconscious level took over. 


Her readiness to let go of the brainwashing that she was powerless and would never regain her sight, changed her life forever.


Guess what happened...


Withing a few minutes of guiding her through an energy healing session, she not only dumped the restrictive, ingrained thinking process, she also healed around the trauma that started the problem in the first place...Then a miracle happened...


By the time we hung up, she started seeing bits of color where there was only black before. Three weeks later, 85% of her vision returned.


Yes, she is a miracle.


She is also a glowing example of what one brave woman is capable of doing after deciding to stop anyone else's limiting beliefs that cost her her happiness, health and freedom.





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What are your beliefs costing you?

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