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Helping Your Employees and Attendees De-Stress!

Why Stress Relief?

Now, more than ever, stress is at an all time high. Feeling overworked, lack of control over life, and trying to balance the demands of home with work rate as the top complaints.

Over time, not knowing how to manage stress will create not only emotional dis-ease, but physical illness as well. This results in a loss of production at work, highter medical bills that ultimately cost not only the employee, but the employer as well.

According to an article by Fairleigh Dickinson University, 60% of lost work days can be attributed to stress. In one study, the numbers are staggering...costing U.S. employers over $200 billion in sick calls.

If the stress doesn't stop or become more manageable, then the trickle out effect could take an untimate toll on everyone.

What's the Solution?
What's different

Helping people, from the business owner, down through the line, to the home front is key to change. The trouble is, the lack of awareness in preventing and managing stress.

Most people don't understand the magnatude that stress plays in their life. Anxiety, depression, lethargy and illness are so common that they are seen more as the "norm".

Our bodies are not designed to withstand stress for long. It's critical to curb the disfunction before it's too late.

But how?

Education is critical. So is awareness. Creating a Stress Relief Action Plan can be key, giving you a conscious strategy to defuse or prevent life from becoming overly stressful. 

Through specific education and awareness, you empower yourself and gain control over the situation.

During my 90 + min (customized for your group size) Whole-istic Stress Relief Action Plan presentation, you will receive...

  • Two critical elements in calming your nerves...This is info that most doctors don't tell you about

  • Customized action plan for when stress strikes

  • Easy tool to help prevent overwhelm and be more productive 

  • Focus on self-care

  • Identifying core stressors

  • Natural ways to destress

  • Corporate level  only - Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Corporate level only - time management

  • Corporate level only- Easy to use NLP tools (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Corporate level only - Two Mp3's to help with productivity, empowerment and motivation

  • More...


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